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Terms and Conditions for The Flying Iron. Customers using our service are automatically deemed to agree.

  • Pricing as stated has a minimum charge, any less items will still be charged at this rate.
  • Our drivers do their best to deliver and collect clothes around the times agreed with an hour each side. If the customer is not able to be in at these times, text/ring the driver to rearrange otherwise our redelivery cost will be charge.
  • If for any reason delivery / collection can not be met at the agreed time you will be contacted.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all clothes are correctly packed and sealed in an appropriate bag. We are not responsible for the loss of items that are loosely packed. Please do not pile clothes into a basket.
  • If for any reason an item is damaged there is a reimbursement of up to £30 depending on the item and the receipt of same kind is produced. We do not replace old for new. If the garment has an instruction label that states do not iron it is not our responsibility to replace if damaged.

We want to offer you our service to make your life easier that is our aim!