Ironing Services In Rotherham

Thank you for using the Flying Iron Ironing Service based in Rotherham.

We at the Flying Iron pride ourselves in offering our customers a high quality ironing service.

Our emphasis is to offer  a great ironing service, taylored for all our individual customer needs.  These being domestic or commercial.

We understand that each customers needs are individual and that is why now we offer a two option payment options.

With speed quality and reliability in a smoke free environment

Over the years we have been in business we have listened to our customers and have always appreciated feedback.  We cater for customers some who have quite an abundant amount of ironing each week or customers who just want a few shirts ironed.  We are not specific on the amount which you send.
Our best comments have been that when going on holiday all our customers have to do is just open the case and pack.

Or if moving home we collect your clothes from one home iron and keep, ready to be delivered to your new home.

  1. Choose an option that suits you
  2. Select a day and time convenient for you
  3. Put clothes in a sealed bag/sending coat hangers if required (otherwise clothes will be folded)
  4. 24 or 48 Turnaround
  5. Finally clothes delivered hung or folded in dust free bags

Our ironing service is quick easy and simple just to make life easier for you

Call us on: 01709 554720

Ironing Collection Areas

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